What Is The Best Dog Clipper For A Poodle?
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What Is The Best Dog Clipper For A Poodle?

best dog clippers for poodles

Let’s face it - having a poodle comes with a lot of responsibility, especially when it comes to choosing a grooming set. The best dog clipper for a poodle is basically a tool that helps you effortlessly trim this breed’s unique coat.

In a world full of dog clippers, we are handpicking the best Amazon bestsellers specifically for Poodles. These professional trim kits that can be used to give the shave your furry friend deserves.

Best dog hair clippers for Poodles
Products Speeds Cord Rating Price
1. WAHL Motion Lithium Ion Clipper Five Corded 5/5 $$$
2. Andis Super AGR+ Vet Pak Single Cordless 5/5 $$$$
3. Wahl Bravura Lithium Professional Single Cordless 4.5/5 $$
4. Wahl Motion Lithium-Ion Single Cordless 4.5/5 $$$
5. Oster A5 2-Speed Professional Clippers Two Corded 4/5 $$

1. Wahl Motion Lithium Ion Clipper

This handy little dog clipper is ideal for clipping, trimming and shaving your poodle. It boasts a Constant Speed Control feature which gives you the optimal torque to power through different spots.

There is also a traffic light LED multi-level battery capacity display that indicates the battery level - as well as a removable finger grip for ultimate control and stability. You can purchase it as a clipper-only or in combination with a brush. The 5-in-1 technology lets you adjust the blade to different sizes, enjoying the low vibration compared to other poodle dog clippers.

2. Oster Professional Turbo A5

This amazing dog clipper is also great for poodles. It has a motor exterior that is surrounded by chew proof material. This prevents chew marks and gives the trimmer a sleek look, making a solid impression.

What amazes many poodle owners is the cryogenic technology which the brand has patented, machined and designed to enhance the hardening process for extended durability and long-lasting performance.

As a versatile pet grooming clipper set, the Oster Turbo A5 comes with a two-speed switch which ensures precise general purpose grooming. If you own any Oster A5 detachable blades, you should know that this tool is compatible with all of them, standing the test of time.

3. Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal 11-Piece Blade Clipper Kit

The EasyClip dog clipper for a poodle is a mid-range price device which is perfect for beginners and great for experts alike. The thing that sets this trimmer apart from the competition are its extra accessories, including six combs plus a size ten blade which can create fancy designs.

Low in vibration and powered by 3,700 SPM, this trimmer is non-adjustable which is why it is suitable for amateur trimmers and pet owners and is awesome for Poodles. The hard carrying case is an extra accessory for compact storage while traveling.

4. Andis ProClip 2-Speed 22340 AGC2

If you are looking for a dog clipper for a poodle that is professional and comes with a powerful motor, this Andis product is definitely one that does a great job when trimming poodle coats.

Powered by a two-speed rotary motor, the tool lets you adjust between slow and fast trimming depending on the area that you are clipping. It is very durable, designed with shatter-resistant casing and coming with a heavy duty cord which makes it last a long time.

Another great benefit of this dog clipper for poodles is its quiet mode (especially when put on low power) which won’t scare your furry friend during any grooming session.

5. Veehoo Dog Clippers - Rechargeable Cordless Professional Pet Grooming Kit

Last but not the least in our list of best dog clippers for poodles is a model by Veehoo. The things we like the most about this cool-looking trimmer start from the fact that it is cordless and rechargeable. All you need to do when running out of battery is to place it on its charging stand.

Affordable yet powered by a pro-grade titanium coated blade, the trimmer increases power by 30% and works great on poodles. The 6,500 RPM motor can handle almost all grooming conditions and the battery can withstand up to 2 hours of run time.

Final Words

We hope that this review helped you find the best dog clipper for your poodle that aligns with your budget, taste and ideal features. All of these products are best selling on Amazon and are liked by many dog owners around the world.

Ready to give your poodle a quick shave?