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13 New Puppy Essentials

13 New Puppy Essentials

Feeling overwhelmed, trying to figure out which supplies to buy for your new family member? Whenever you get a new puppy, there are some essential items that you must own. All of these items will make looking after your new baby a lot easier.

If you’re on the hunt for simple, yet essential items, then these may be a perfect fit for your new puppy.

We’ve chosen these top 12 new puppy essentials that will simplify puppy ownership. We love these products for what they are purposed for - simplicity and function. They’re perfect for everyone from a newbie puppy owner to a seasoned dog expert!

Puppy Essentials #1 - Dog Leash & Collar

Puppy Essentials - Dog Leash and Collar

Dog Leash and Collar (available in multiple colors & sizes)

Amazon | $21.30

Want to go for a stroll with your new buddy? Then you must have a proper leash and collar the minute you walk out the door. A collar is as important if not more important than the leash because you can attach a dog id tag to your puppy so it can be easily identified if lost. For your dog's safety, it is highly recommended to use a leash, any time he/she is in the outdoors.

Puppy Essentials #2 - Dog Crate

Puppy Essentials - A Metal Dog Crate

Heavy Duty Fordable Metal Pet Puppy Play Pan

Amazon | $43.62

You might also want to get is a dog crate. This comes in handy if you have guests in your home and need to contain your pet. Perhaps to transport your dog around with you. You may have to take your puppy to a vet clinic so it can have proper shots. You may be on vacation or traveling to a park. Having a proper dog crate can keep your puppy safe in your vehicle. This will also ensure that other people are safe from your pet when you are on the move. Especially If you are flying on an airplane, a dog crate is a must so your pet can travel properly.

Puppy Essentials #3 - Dog/Puppy Food

Puppy Essentials - Puppy Food

Dry Dog Food

Amazon | $16.73

There are many different types of dog food that you might consider. Since you have a new puppy, you should consider dog food that is designed for puppies and not adult dogs. Your puppy has different nutrition requirements when compared to an adult the dog. You should always feed your pet proper pet food and not human food because it can be harsh on the digestive tract of your puppy. As your animal gets older you may introduce a few different types of human food, but in general, you should stick to proper dog food because it simply has the nutrition that your dog needs.

Puppy Essentials #4 Food Bowls

Puppy Essentials - Puppy Food Bowl

Neater Feeder - Elevated Dog Bowls

Amazon | $22.99

You should also pick up some proper food bowls for your puppy. This will include both a water dish and a food dish. They should be quite heavy so your pet can't push them around. There are many different types of dishes that you can pick up. You should always ensure that the bowls for your pet are full at all times, especially the water bowl. You can fill up the food bowl when it comes time for your pet to eat but always ensure that they have fresh water on hand.

Puppy Essentials #5 - Dog Bed

Puppy Essentials - A Dog Bed

Premium Waterproof Dog Bed

Amazon | $66.95

You may want to pick up a dog bed for your new puppy too. There are many types of dog beds that you can buy. Just make sure that your pet has a comfortable place to sleep at night. A proper dog bed will also keep your pet off of your furniture or your own bed. Your animal is going to shed a lot, and you don't want to get a lot of hair on your furniture. A proper bed gives them their own place to stay and helps keep them comfortable.

Puppy Essentials #6 - Chewing Toys

Puppy Essentials - Dog Chewing Toys

10 Most Popular Dog Toys for Puppies

Amazon | $22.99

Dogs are naturally curious, and they like to chew things. A puppy is going to want to chew on everything it finds. This could include things like furniture, socks, shoes, and so on. By providing your puppy proper chewing toys, this will reduce the chances that your puppy is chewing on things that it's not supposed to. These toys will keep your dog busy, so it doesn't decide to chew on your expensive furniture.

Puppy Essentials #7 - Chewing Treats

Puppy Essentials - Dog Treats

Natural Training Dog Treats

Amazon | $10.38

In addition to chewing toys, you should also get chewing treats. These are treats such as rawhide bones or other treats. These keep your dog busy and away from furniture and other items (like shoes) that they might otherwise chew. These chewing treats can also help with the dental health of your dog. In addition, dog treats are absolutely necessary for tackling the training of your puppy. You can get many different types of treats for your dog. Ensure that you get treats that are designed for puppies because older dogs have different chewing requirements.

Puppy Essentials #8 - Grooming and Bathing Kit

Puppy Essentials - Grooming and Bathing Kit

Dog Bathing Hose

Amazon | $30.99

You will probably want to keep your puppy clean. You should always have a proper grooming kit and a bathing kit. Your grooming kit should contain things such as a hose, a comb, nail clippers, and other devices for keeping your puppy neat and tidy. You could pick up a basin and some dog shampoo to ensure that your pet is nice and clean. Your puppy is going to get into all sorts of trouble, and it's probably going to get quite dirty, so you want to keep it clean.

Puppy essentials #9 - Dog ID Tag

Puppy Essentials - Dog ID Tag

Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Pet Puppy Play Pan

Amazon | $2.79

There is nothing worse than losing sight of your new puppy. Your dog can wander off quite easily because it's naturally curious. You should ensure that you have a proper ID tag for your pet so if your dog does go missing people will know where to locate the owner. These ID tags are simple to install, and you can attach them to your regular dog's collar.

Puppy Essentials #10 - A Dog Play Pan

Puppy Essentials - A Dog Play Pan

Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Pet Puppy Playpen

Amazon | $139

You can't always watch your dog so you might want to decide to get a dog playpen. This will give your pet a place to play and stay out of the way when you're doing things around the house. You could have this playpen outside, or you could have it indoors. It gives your dog something to do when you're not giving it to your utmost attention because you simply don't have the time to do.

Puppy Essentials #11 - Dog Food Storage Container

Puppy Essentials - A Dog Food Storage Container

Airtight Dog Food Container

Amazon | $28.98

The bags that the dog food comes is not really meant to keep the dog food after the bag has been opened, in addition, after the bag has been opened, the food looses it's freshness. While a dog food storage container is designed to specifically hold dog food. The latch will keep the lid sealed so your pup won't break into the container. It comes with a scoop for you to refill the bowl. And the container is on wheels so you can push it around without lifting a heavy food bag. Overall, it is the ideal way to store dry pet food, not just to keeps the pup away and keep the food fresh, but also to keep bugs and even rodents away.

Puppy Essentials #12 - Dog Gate

Puppy Essentials - Dog Gate

Freestanding Dog Gate

Amazon | $89.27

You might want to block your dog's access to certain areas of your home. A dog gate can help you accomplish this. It can be placed across a hallway, for example, to block the dog's access to a room where you don't want them to go in. There are many different dog gates you can buy and sizes of gates so get one that suits your needs.


All of these items will help you manage and look after your new puppy. You should ensure that you have these items on hand as it makes the day-to-day task of looking after a dog much easier. Your puppy will also be happy with lots of them, especially dog food and tasty treats.