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Hi there, welcome to BreederYellowPages.com!

My name is Eleonora Ginnis and I’m the founder of BreederYellowPages.com

Parden our dust as we tweak the final features for the relaunch of breederyellowpages.com.

I’m so excited to bring back the “go to” online marketplace for breeders and pet seekers alike! Let me tell you, it has certainly been a long journey.

I have a long history of working with breeders. In fact, my very first website in 2002 was for a German Shepherd breeder. That website grew into a content management system, and then into an online directory of breeders, now known as breederyellowpages.com. Once upon a time I was a breeder of Maine Coon Cats myself, so I understand the needs and desires of a breeder first hand. This has proven to be valuable when it comes to internet marketing as well as the other accompanying details that a breeder needs on a daily basis.

BreederYellowPages.com mission

Our mission is to unite breeders and pet seekers on the world’s largest marketplace! But most importantly, our mission is to promote the individual hobby breeder, who is passionate about the breed and welfare of animals. The breeder has to screen the buyer as much as the buyer has to screen the breeder, ensuring lasting forever homes for the pet.

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